Mirror Above Fireplace

This mirror above the fireplace dates to the 1870’s and formerly belonged to Moses’s son James Fowler and hung in his residence at the top of 9th Street Hill. The mirror then belonged to Cecil and his wife and hung here in the Fowler House from the early 1910’s. In 1940 when they sold the Fowler House the family had a sale and the mirror was purchased by Dr. & Mary Sholty. It was reacquired by the 1852 foundation in 2016, our great thanks to the Sholtys.

Notice the large display case near the fireplace. Most of the artifacts here were found during our 2015 renovation while digging in the backyard. Note the number of toothbrushes, these are carved of cow bones and were often bristled with boar hair. The wooden case on the lower shelf was discovered in the attic and is a telephone power battery unit. Early telephone systems required the end user to provide  electricity, but once unused it remained forgotten in the attic until recently.

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