Where do I park?

Is there handicap access?

Yes. The first floor and patio are handicap accessible via a wheelchair lift to the right of the main entrance. The second floor is not.

What is your capacity?

The maximum indoor only capacity is 120 with a buffet.

With plated to table service, and no buffet, the venue can allot for around 130.

Indoor and outdoor seating combined can allot for 150 - 200.

Utilizing the outdoor yard spaces only 200+.

What are the House Rules?

The following are the Policies of the 1852 Foundation and all guests of the Fowler House Mansion must abide. These rules are to protect this beautiful place, we hope you understand.

  1. Any use of candles must be approved. All candles must be contained or enclosed in glass. The flame must not reach higher than 2 inches below the height of the glass.
  2. No confetti, glitter or bubbles are to be used inside. Outside, Ecofetti and bubbles are permitted. Ecofetti is a water-soluble product that can be found at www.ecoparti.com. Please check with Manager for verification on anything other than specified.
  3. Decorations may not be hung using nails, tacks, or staples. Also, no masking, duct, electrical, transparent, double-sided tapes or glues that leave residue permitted. The only adhesive allowed on floors is stage/drafting/painter’s tape, which will not damage surfacers. All other decorations must be freestanding. Only fresh flowers allowed outside the facility unless in an arrangement. No furniture of any kind can be brought into the venue without prior approval.
  4. The interior of the Fowler House Mansion is a non-smoking area.
  5. Furnishings and artwork may not be moved without permission and supervision by Manager. All furnishings that have been moved must be returned to their original placement, again under the supervision by Manager.
  6. Guests may not bring pets as they would violate health code for our restaurant. Properly designated service animals are welcome.
  7. Children must be supervised at all times.
  8. All trash and property must be removed the day of the event. If the Property or grounds are littered, you may incur a cleanup fee.
  9. Events must conclude at the time indicated in the agreement or be subject to fees. Renters, their vendors and guests must complete tear and removal of their personal property, load out and be off of the facility grounds (including parking areas) within 60-minutes after this time.
  10. Renter and guests must keep their shoes on their feet the entire time on Property.
  11. Manager and Property not responsible for lost or stolen items of Renter or their guests.
  12. All “private” and “staff only” areas, the attic, and all balconettes are off limits for Renters.

Does the venue rental include catering?

Food and drink are not included in rental prices, we have a world class chef and commercial kitchen onsite that can accommodate nearly any need. 

How long is an all day rental?

9AM - 11PM. Includes consolidation and exit hour to 12AM.

What is included in the all day rental?

-Use of the Fowler House Mansion, including the
patio & garden area, from 9AM - 11PM.
-Choice of black or white linens.
-Tables & chairs including their set-up & tear-down.
-Customizable uplighting with a choice of 15 color options.
-Use of the house Sonos system.
-Personally customized floor plans.
-Indoor & outdoor ceremony options .
-White garden chairs for outdoor ceremonies held on the lawn.
-One (1) hour scheduled rehearsal time within the week of your wedding*.
-Unlimited email correspondence as well as two (2) in-house consultations.

Can I get into the house before my rental time starts to decorate?

All time spent on premises must be accounted for and no additional decoration time is included in the all day rental. All decoration time needed should be considered when booking the date and time frame. That said, if the venue isn't otherwise in use we will do our best to accommodate.

What is the cost for overtime on rentals?

Should your event run longer than is contractually agreed to, overtime is charged at an hourly rate based on the all day rental price of the date in question.

What is the cost for overtime on catering labor?

Overtime on labor is $25 per hour per staff member utilized.

Are outside caterers permitted?

We have a world class chef, staff, and commercial kitchen onsite so we prefer to provide food to our events. But we are amenable to exceptions, especially in cases where you desire a cuisine we haven't experience with. Please contact us with questions, we will make certain your event is perfect!

Is outside alcohol permitted?

Outside alcohol is not permitted on the premises per Indiana State Law. All alcohol served must be provided via our Liquor License.

We are able to order and provide nearly anything commercially available.

Is insurance required to rent the venue?

Yes. Special event liability insurance is required to rent the entire venue.

Renter and their vendors must provide liability insurance to Manager through a homeowner’s policy or otherwise. A minimum of $1,000,000.00 (one million) General Liability is required for the Event. This policy is to cover all services provided by Renter on the Property, including liquor, food, music, lighting, dance floors, entertainment, etc., for the Date(s) of the Event. Manager, and its directors, officers, employees, and agents are to be listed as co-insureds. A certificate of insurance with coverage dates/limits must be provided to Manager no later than 30 days prior to Event Date(s).

Most Homeowners Insurance Policies may be used and will generally cover your event at minimal to no cost.


Is there a damage deposit?

Alongside the Special Event Liability Insurance a security deposit is to be provided from the Renter in the form of a check. This is held on file in the case of damage.