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Come see behind the scenes of the Historic Fowler House Mansion in Downtown Lafayette Indiana.

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Viewing the Fowler House Mansion

Initially inspired by the Gothic revival of a business acquaintance's home, the Fowler House Mansion has an opulent and brilliant design. Moses Fowler, the owner of the mansion, was inspired by a book of Gothic revival designs, called Architecture of Country Houses by A.J. Downing. This book, along with a published A.J. Downing design, aided in the creation of what the Fowler House Mansion is today.

Thanks to its inspired owner, the mansion boasts ornate woodwork from locally-grown walnut and white oak trees. The entry hallway is also styled by faux painted stone walls, resembling those of a castle. With this rich background, viewing the design of the home is indeed a treat. For this reason, the 1852 Foundation strives to maintain the mansion's original beauty and bountiful culture.

Learning About Lafayette

Take the time to learn a bit about Lafayette's rich history and the part that the Fowler House Mansion played in it. The structure dates back to a time where Lafayette didn't extend past what is today, 6th street. Even some of the locals aren't familiar with its unique history and how the owner, Moses Fowler, came to Lafayette. Oddly enough, he arrived in Lafayette with his business partner and Purdue's namesake, John Purdue.

Group Tours

Interested in scheduling a group tour? Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through and explain the details of this local architectural masterpiece inside and out, all the while teaching you about the history of our fine city. Come and visit the Fowler House Mansion and learn more about Lafayette!

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